The Climbing Club of Oulu and UIAA
proudly present:

FINICE2021: European Cup Finals
Saturday the 20th of February, 2021


Tarkemman aikataulun löydät täältä: (pdf)

Yleisöä ei sallita, ja jokaisen tulee ladata Koronavilkku sovellus.

Reults: Results_Finice2021.pdf

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Detailed schedule can be found here: (pdf)

Reults: Results_Finice2021.pdf

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Athlete registration is done through ticketing system by purchasing a competitor ticket.


Competitor ticket includes competition fee and lunch at the competition site, plus a cool FINICE t-shirt!

Price: 25 €

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Kuinka kisanjärjestäjät pyrkivät ehkäisemään viruksen leviämistä?

Huolehditaan yhdessä hyvästä hygieniasta käsidesin avulla. Talkoolaiset pitävät maskeja yllä koko tapahtuman ajan. Kisaajilta vaaditaan myös maskin käyttöä, kun he eivät ole kiipeilyvuorossa. Huolehdit itse tarpeeksi asianmukaisia maskeja omaan käyttöösi. Eristystä varten on useampi teltta, joihin kisaajat jaetaan.Yleisöä ei sallita, ja jokaisen tulee ladata Koronavilkku sovellus.

Tullaan tapahtumaan vain terveenä.

Mitä jos sairastun kisan aikana tai sen jälkeen?

Tärkeää on saada tieto tapahtumanjärjestäjille mahdollisimman nopeasti. Sen jälkeen sinun tulee toimia THL:n antamien yleisten ohjeiden mukaisesti. Me huolehdimme tiedon muille paikallaolijoille noudattaen viranomaisten ohjeita.

Mistä saan tietoa koronaviruksesta?

Lataa Koronavilkku:

How do organizers prevent the spreading of the virus?

Let's pay attention to our hygiene with hand sanitisers. Organizers will wear a mask at all times. Competitors need to wear a mask unless it's their turn to climb.

It's your responsibility to get enough appropriate masks for your own use. For isolation, there will be few tents where competitors are divided. The audience is not allowed and everyone needs to download Koronavilkku app on their phone.

Come to the event only if you are healthy.

What if I become ill during or after the competition?

It's extremely important to get the information to organizers as soon as possible. After that, you will proceed as instructed by Finnish Institution for Health and welfare. We will inform the other competitors.

Where can I get information?

Check your home county's instructions.

Download and get info about Koronavilkku:


What on earth is Oulu?

The City of Oulu is the capital of northern Finland. The Oulu Region has about 250,000 inhabitants. Transport connections are direct and fast, regardless of the means of transport or direction. All main roads meet in Oulu. Oulu has an international airport and there are about 15 flights to and from Helsinki each day. In addition, you can fly direct from Oulu to Riga, Tampere, Rovaniemi and Kemi-Tornio. Oulu railway station is one of the busiest in Finland. VisitOulu website provides more information about Oulu and its services, and how to get here.

I'd like to climb in Oulu! What are the possibilities?

Oulu Climbing Gym (Oulun kiipeilykeskus) offers two boulder gyms and wide variety of rope action. Korouoma Canyon (approximately 300 km from Oulu) is the best place in Finland to climb ice and is definitely worth a visit. More info from our Facebook page.

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Do you have any questions?

Contact the organizers: [email protected]null.

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Pictures from FINICE2020:

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